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Winter closed

Family Course i Winter closed

Opens spring 2023

New! Family course

Here you can get out into quiet nature surroundings and enjoy yourself with your friends or family and play Krolf and Football golf

New fun course fore everyone

The course is laid out with 9 holes with a length of 30 - 80 meters per hole, and you are welcome to go 2 laps.

Along the way, you will encounter obstacles and challenges that make the game fun for the whole family.

Go in teams of max. 5 people, and it is up to the individual whether Krolf is played with club and krolf ball, or Football golf with small size 3 football which is kicked to hole.

Everyone plays on the same court, who comes through with the fewest punches or kicks? Who dare you challenge?



Half crocet, half golf, totally fun!

Krolf is an activity where everyone can join in, and it provides both exercise and cozy interaction with friends or family.

At Ørsted Trout Water, you can get out into quiet nature surroundings and enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

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Junior Football Golf

Our little cozy football golf course

The track is made to be fun for children, adults and grandparents

Who dare you challenge?

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Price pr. person incl. equipment


+14 years

75,00 DKK


+14 years

300,00 DKK


4-13 years

50,00 DKK


4-13 years

200,00 DKK


It is played by 2-5 players and the winner is the one who has spent the fewest punches/kicks.

Draw lots about who kicks first. Subsequently, it is the player who gets into the hole with the fewest kicks/punches that starts first on the next course When the game is in progress, it is always the ball/ball that is farthest from the hole that is used first. If another player's ball/ball is in the way, this ball/ball can, by appointment, be played first.

You may move the ball/ball up to 15 cm away from an obstacle – measured to the part of the ball that is closest to the obstacle or the edge of the court – but not directly in the hole – and there must be at least 6 cm to the nearest second ball. This costs 1 punch/kick.
If another player has shot your ball/ball somewhere on the pitch where you assess the ball/ball is absolutely not playable, you must move the ball/ball up to 15 cm away from the obstacle free of charge.

All kicks/punches count, and played until the ball/ball is in the hole, or even the 10th kick/punch.