Football golf - In the middle of Zealand

Fodboldgolf i Ørsted Ørredvand Fodboldgolf i Ørsted Ørredvand
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Large scenic football golf course with 18 holes - close to Roskilde and Køge

Perhaps Zealand's most difficult / fun course!

But still fun for kids and adults.

We look forward to showing you how we have utilized and remodeled the former Lake Cruise golf course into a beautiful natural area with lakes, lots of planting, hilly terrain and fun challenging courses.

Who do you dare to challenge?

We recommend booking an appointment for the Football Golf Course. Book your time online here.

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What is football golf?

Football gold is a mix of golf, miniature golf and football. In short, the game is about getting a football in the hole on as few kicks as possible on a specially designed course with 18 holes and various obstacles.

Soccer golf is the activity where everyone can participate regardless of age and ability with a ball. The rules are very simple and can be learned quickly.



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Overview map - Football golf
Scorecard - Football golf


  • Pull if necessary. let about who kicks first
  • Subsequently, it is the player who gets into the hole with the fewest kicks who kicks first on the next course
  • When the game is in progress, it is always the ball that is furthest from the hole that is kicked first
  • If another player's ball gets in the way, this ball can, by appointment, be played first
  • All kicks count and are played until the ball is in the hole, or even the 10th kick
  • Read specific rules for each hole at each start

The winner is the one who gets all the way through on the fewest kicks


  • May only be played with the feet
  • Do not move with your hands
  • Played from the place it lands, the ball must lie still
  • If you hit another player's ball, that ball must be repositioned
  • You can declare your ball "not playable". It must return to its original kicking position. You will be +1 to your score


  • No football boots
  • The flags must not be taken up from the hole.
  • All stays in the area are at your own risk.


Prices Football Golf


Footballs can be borrowed in the living room

Price per. person

Grown ups

100.00 kr

Children 4-14 years

50.00 kr

Children 0-3 years

Free of charge

Family price for two adults and two children

200.00 kr.

School / Institution / sports club
Discounts are given to the above groups Monday - Thursday from 9-17.
Price per. person for the above groups:

Price per. person

Grown ups

80.00 kr

Children 4-14 years

40.00 kr

Children 0-3 years

Free of charge

Groups of 10 people or more
To obtain a group discount, payment must be made in one envelope for the entire group
Price per. person with group discount

Price per. person

Grown ups

90.00 kr

Children 4-14 years

45.00 kr

Children 0-3 years

Free of charge


Within the store's opening hours :
We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

Outside the store's opening hours :
All payment starts in the living room, both cash and MobilePay. Envelopes must always be filled with fishing license / golf card / football golf number before starting.
Follow the instructions at the desk in the living room.

CASH - bring equal money
MOBILEPAY No. 12598 - Remember to write fishing card / golf card / football golf number in the MobilePay message field

We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

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