Important rules

  • You may fish with 1 fishing rod on trout fishing licenses.
    Do not leave your rod fishing.
  • Guests are not allowed to fish under any circumstances.
  • Only one hook per rod may be fished.
  • Do not hook fish in the side or back. It's going to bite your fish hook.
  • One should not catch fish with nets - used only for landing fish. Fishing nets must lie on the ground unless you have bites and have to land the fish.
  • There must be NO pre feeding.
  • There is a catch limit on trout, see Price
  • If you have caught your quota, you can continue fishing (not with Powerbait or worms ) , but all fish must then be carefully discarded.
  • No noise after 10pm - Music is only played low indoors and behind closed doors/windows.


  • PAYMENT : Within the store's opening hours : We all receive cards, cash and MobilePay
  • PAYMENT : Outside the store's opening hours : All payment starts in the living area. Follow instruction at the desk in the living area. We receive cards, cash, Mobilepay
  • It is not allowed to start your fishing until you have paid and filled an envelope in the living area. Costs DKK 500,- in control fee.
  • All fishing licenses are personal and the fishing rod must be cared for by the cardholder.
  • Children's cards under 12 years of age are only sold according to with paying adult fisherman with fishing license.
  • You don't need public fishing licenses to fish here.
  • Guests are visitors without a fish, golf or camping card.
    Guests must be next to the fisherman.
    Guests are under no circumstances allowed to fish or play golf.
    NB: No guests at night.
    Max. 1 guest per redeemed fish/golf card.
  • Dogs are welcome but must always be on a leash.
  • Fish may only be cleaned at the Cleaning Table, which is on the rear parking lot

Important rules before starting Sturgeon fishing!

These rules are there to protect the fish, please read them...

1. Use one weighing loop when the sturgeon is going up on land - not fishing nets/Ikea bags etc

2. Use one hooking mat for land hooking

3. Under no circumstances should the sturgeon be lifted in the gills - then you will be expelled

4. You don't get up with your sturgeon and you're expelled

5. All sturgeon shall be discarded

Many thanks for taking into account and treating this amazing fish with care

Sturgeon fishing

  • Pre-feeding - Do not prefeed.
  • Hooks - Only fish with single hooks without barbs size 1/0 - 4/0 or carp hooks size 2 - 6
  • Exploice – To take care of the fish's body and fins, fish with 1.5 metres of forehands, which must be of flourcarbon, nylon or leadcore in combi, 25-40lbs or 0.35-0.60mm. Do not use weave line for front catch as it cut the fish.
  • Grej - Sturgeon is a tough fighter and we recommend and trade with heavy gear for this fishing. Come and ask in the store.
  • Afterlage – When the fish is going to land, a weighing loop is fed under the sturgeon out in the water, which holds the entire fish. The fish must be hooked on the mat or in the grass. (hooking mat can be rented in the store)
  • Foto – All photography must be done on your knees over mat.
  • Release – After a long fight, the fish is tired and can lie still in the water up to 15-20 minutes, that's normal.
  • Enen roe – All sturgeons in the lake he is fish and without roe.
  • Agn - If bait in the form of pieces of fish will be used for fishing in fishing in fishing lakes, the same rules apply as for the movement of fish, see Order 965 of 18/7-2013 §27.

    All Danish angler lakes are to be considered as category I in relation to Egtvedsyge, IHN and ISA, only bait coming from similar areas may be added.

    This means that you may use the bait of freshwater fish captured in Denmark.

    A number of people must we do not use saltwater fish bait as our marine areas are categorised as category III for these diseases and it has been shown that a large number of saltwater fish may contain the Egtved disease virus. Annex 2, Part II of Decree 968 of 18/7-2013 states which saltwater fish are susceptible species and thus may not be used as bait in fresh water.

    Studies of herring and sprat from Danish waters have shown an incidence of VHS viruses in these of 2-5 %, which means that their use as bait will pose a serious risk of infection into trout in the Danish freshwater areas.

Sturgeon is a slow-growing fish that can grow up to 100 years old. Please treat it carefully

. Mvh Iben and Allan

How do I take a picture of a Sturgeon

Proper handling of Sturgeon.

Proper handling of Sturgeon. Kneeling over the fishing mat. Grip the tail and not grab the gills.

Sturgeon handling and release