FISHING GUIDE - Put and Take fishing

The program contains lots of catches and fishing techniques, and we get around the most effective methods of fishing in P&T. You will be told about bombarda, spin fishing with through-flashes, wobblers and spinners, and you will get an introduction to why the P&T lakes are an obvious place to get started with fly fishing.

We see both underwater footage and concrete fishing scenes where tackles, knots and gear are explained and shown thoroughly. The underwater scenes give some really cool insights into how both different baits and not least the fish behave in different situations. For example, we were quite surprised to see the clear scent trail from the trout dough and how it disappeared after several casts.

Many thanks to FISHINGZEALAND.DK for using Ørsted Fisk & Golf as a platform for this fine fishing guide



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We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

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