Bombarda rig

When fishing with Bombarda it is always a good idea to fish actively and constantly try to find the fish by changing the depth. This is done by moving the split shots in relation to the hook. The closer these are to the hook, and the longer they are allowed to sink, the deeper you fish.

The split shots are typically quite small at around 0.4 grams.

It is always a good idea to place an extra swivel approx. 1 meter from your hook. If you fish with a prey of 3 - 3.5 meters, then it is difficult to achieve the right rotation on the bait with so far a prey. By placing this swivel on the trap, you get the completely different rotation in the water.

The length of the catch varies depending on how long the rod is. A 10 "rod we would recommend 2.5-3m.



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We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

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