Rules for Large-scale fishing in Ørsted Fish and Golf

Important rules before you start Large-scale fishing!

These rules are there to protect the fish, so please read them ...

Use one weighing sling when the sturgeon is going ashore - not fishing nets / Ikea bags etc.

Use one hook mat for hook on land

3. Under no circumstances should the sturgeon be lifted in the gills - then you will be expelled

4. You do not get up with the sturgeon - then you will be expelled

5. All sturgeons must be released

Thank you so much for taking care and treating this amazing fish with care

New lake record - 40kg sturgeon in Ørsted Fish and Golf

What do I need to fish for Sturgeon

  • No feeding - Do not feed.
  • Hooks - Only fish with single hooks without barbs size 1/0 - 4/0 or carp hooks size 2 - 6
  • Forefinger - To take care of the fish's body and fins, fish with 1.5 meters of forefinger, which must be made of fluorocarbon, nylon or leadcore in combi, 25-40lbs or 0.35-0.60mm. Do not use Fletteline as a prey as it will cut into the fish.
  • Gear - The sturgeon is a tough fighter and we recommend and trade in powerful gear for this fishery. Come and ask in the store.
  • Hooking - When the fish is to go ashore, a weighing sling is inserted under the sturgeon in the water, which holds the whole fish. The fish must be hooked on a mat or in the grass. (hook mat can be rented in the shop)
  • Photo - All photography must be done on your knees over the mat.
  • Release - After a long fight, the fish is tired and can lie still in the water for up to 15-20 minutes, this is completely normal.
  • No roe - All sturgeon in the lake he is fish and without roe.
  • Bait - If you want to use bait in the form of pieces of fish in connection with fishing in angling lakes, the same rules apply as when moving fish, cf. Executive Order 965 of 18 / 7-2013 §27.

    As all Danish angling lakes are to be regarded as category I in relation to Egtvedsyge, IHN and ISA, only bait coming from similar areas may be added.

    This means that you must use bait from freshwater fish caught in Denmark.

    In principle, bait from saltwater fish must not be used , as our marine areas are categorized as category III for these diseases, and it has been shown that a large number of saltwater fish can contain the Egtved disease virus. It appears from Annex 2, Part II of Executive Order 968 of 18 / 7-2013, which saltwater fish are susceptible species, and thus may not be used as bait in freshwater.

    Studies of herring and sprat from Danish waters have shown an incidence of VHS virus in these of 2-5%, which means that the use of these as bait will pose a serious risk of introduction of infection to trout in the Danish freshwater areas.

The sturgeon is a slow-growing fish that can grow up to 100 years old. Please treat it with care.

Regards Iben and Allan

How do I take a picture of a Sturgeon

Proper handling of a Sturgeon

Proper handling of Sturgeon. Kneeling over fishing mat. Grasp the tail and do not grab the gills.



Within the store's opening hours :
We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

Outside the store's opening hours :
All payment starts in the living room, both cash and MobilePay. Envelopes must always be filled with fishing license / golf card / football golf number before starting.
Follow the instructions at the desk in the living room.

CASH - bring equal money
MOBILEPAY No. 12598 - Remember to write fishing card / golf card / football golf number in the MobilePay message field

We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

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