Fish in the lake

The individual species are seasonal for release and can therefore not be expected to be released into the lakes all year round, but are present.

Beluga Stør

Beluga sturgeon

Beluga Støren is a fantastic fighter. All Beluga sturgeon in the lake are male Beluga sturgeon and have no roe or caviar. There is Beluga Stør all the way up to + 40kg.

All Beluga sturgeons must be released immediately after capture.

Important rules

White sturgeon

White "sturgeon"

White sturgeon are known on the elongated body, the long tail fin and the clear bone plates along the sideline and on the back. The white sturgeon has long whiskers in front of the mouth, and a mouth that can be pushed out like a tube. White sturgeon has no teeth in its mouth.

All White Sturgeon must be released immediately after capture.

Important rules

Diamond sturgeon

Diamond "sturgeon"

Diamond sturgeon has a short and rounded snout with four whiskers in front of its mouth. The back is dark and gray-green or brown in color, with the abdomen lighter than the rest of the body. Diamond sturgeon has no teeth in its mouth.

All Diamond Sturgeon must be released immediately after capture.

Important rules

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout are the most common. It was originally introduced from. Northwest America, but is common in the Danish fauna. We expose up to 6 kg.

Gold trout

Gold trout

The golden trout is a Danish-produced fish, but there are also golden trout in the open air, but not in Denmark.

Brook trout

Brook trout

The brook trout is a Danish fish that only gets the right brook trout touch when it meets its habitat requirements. It can weigh up to 6-7 kg.

Spring trout

Spring trout

The spring trout / char is rare as a wild fish in Denmark. It is a very shy fish that is mostly caught on the fly. Weight up to 3-4 kg.

Tiger trout

Tiger trout

The tiger trout is an exciting predatory fish. Tiger trout is a cross between a brook trout and a spring trout. The tiger trout is caught on spinners, blinkers, flies and wobblers.



Brøding is the cross between Røding and spring trout. It is closely related to a spring trout. The brooding requires a good water quality, and most often only bites the fly. Weight up to 3-4 kg



The eel has an elongated slimy body. The dorsal fin, tail fin and gat fin are fused together and form a large fin. The mouth is filled with small pointed teeth. The base color is dark green, bluish black, dark brown or olive

All eels must be released immediately after capture.



The skull has silvery shiny scales and red eyes. Shells are typically caught on plugs and single hooks. Earthworms and other types of worms are good baits for shells, but the shell eats almost everything including corn, bread balls, cooked pasta,

A fun fish for kids that is easy to catch.



The perch lives naturally in most Danish lakes, and is a wonderful edible fish. Characteristics: compressed tall body with rough scales. The base color is dark green. The perforated fin and the ventral fin are reddish. Take care of the front dorsal fin, you can stick on.

Perch over 15cm must be released immediately after catching.



Karussen is a beautiful brown-greenish high-backed fish. It is often referred to as "the little plug", as it does not get very long. There are several different types of carousels. The most common is probably the small pond body. The fish have reasonably large scales of its size and often have a clear line from the head down to the tail fin

All Damkaruser must be re-released immediately after capture.

Grass sharp

Grass sharp

The pumpkin feeds on plant food. It is greyish and the whole body is covered with large scales. Originally from Asia, it is often winter hardy in our climate. The pumpkin carp is often a little cloudy, but thrives well in Danish lakes.

All pumpkin carp must be released immediately after capture.

Mirror carp

Mirror carp

Unlike most other fish, the mirror carp has no or only relatively few scales on its body. The carp are generally known on the beard strands in both corners of the mouth, the powerful spike in the dorsal fin and the high maximum weight.

NB: Mirror carp may be taken up by the lakes.

fish pike


The pike has a large head in relation to the body with a mouth obsessed with many pointed teeth !!. The body is elongated, and from the sides somewhat compressed. The base color is green with yellowish spots. The underside is lighter compared to the rest of the body.

Goats under 3 kg must be released immediately after capture.


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