Child-friendly fishing - Put and Take fishing for children and young people

Kids friendly fishing

It's a great feeling to see children catch their first fish. The tension when the first fish bites on the hook and the fight begins when the fish comes ashore and the hook must be taken out. They can not wait to come home and tell their friends about their catch.

child-friendly fishing
child-friendly fishing 2

Put and Take fishing is completely obvious for children

At Ørsted Fisk & Golf, it is easy to keep track of the children and fresh rainbow trout or golden trout are released every day. You can also catch many small shells or perch and we give an ice cream to the kids if they catch 10 shells and take them into the store.

We offer really good facilities for families with children

At Ørsted Fisk & Golf there are good toilet conditions, kiosk with food and drinks, shop with sale / rental of fishing equipment, barbecue and much more.

Cottages directly to the water, Shelters, Campsite with electricity

child-friendly fishing cabins
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When the fish are caught, they must of course also learn to clean the fish. If the children are too small, they can look over the sideline while an adult cuts the fish up and shows the children heart, stomach and swim bladder. Of course, they must be allowed to feel that. After all, children prefer to learn with their fingers.


When the fishing trip is over, you have hopefully taken some nice pictures of the children enjoying themselves in nature and around the lakes.

Good luck

Iben and Allan

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Within the store's opening hours :
We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

Outside the store's opening hours :
All payment starts in the living room, both cash and MobilePay. Envelopes must always be filled with fishing license / golf card / football golf number before starting.
Follow the instructions at the desk in the living room.

CASH - bring equal money
MOBILEPAY No. 12598 - Remember to write fishing card / golf card / football golf number in the MobilePay message field

We all accept cards, cash and MobilePay

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