5 star Put and Take fishing lake located in Zealand.

Stars are symbolic of the facilities that Trout Lakes can offer its guests. It can be awarded from 1 star, which is the minimum requirement for Danish Trout Lakes, and up to 5 stars. Facilities include service, kiosk, toilet facilities, hygiene, indoor and outdoor living facilities as well as signage and marketing.

Put and Take

Ørsted Put and Take fishing lake is located in a large idyllic area, with quiet surroundings and consists of 3 recreated fishing lakes in the middle of Zealand.

The area is suitable for the disabled with good trails around all the lakes.

We are located in the middle of Zealand, close to Roskilde and Køge.

Fishing for all ages.

Daily release of fresh fish

We release fresh trout every day.

It ensures a dense population of fish all year round.

Fisk in the Lakes

Rainbow trout, brown trout, spring trout, tiger trout, golden trout, mirror carp, grass carp, eel, beluga sturgeon, diamond sturgeon, white sturgeon.

Sturgeon fishing

We have sturgeon from 4kg to 70+kg

The sturgeon live very well and grow every year.

You can catch Beluga sturgeon, Diamond sturgeon and White sturgeon.

Top class fly fishing with low grass and no slopes.

If you would like to learn to fly fish, we hold fly fishing courses several times a year.

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Tackle shop with everything for Put and Take fishing

Sale/rental of fishing tackle. Powerbait, hooks, river, flies and more.

Grill shop with burger, sausages, toast, soda, beer, cocoa, candy etc.

Toilets and bathrooms

6 toilets and (3 bathrooms for overnight guests)

Shelters and benches

We have set up 20 shelters and 40 tables/benches around the lake. There are paths around the entire lake, so you can walk around dry-shod. The paths are laid out very wheelchair friendly.

Fishing license

You don't need a state fishing license to fish here, come as you are and we'll help you on your way.

Rod rent

You can rent premium fishing rods and reels for DKK 75,- during the store's opening hours

Borrow free fishing rod

We have a limited number of basic fishing pliers with reels and lines set up in front of the store, which you can borrow for free.
Remember to put equipment back after use.