Chicken House

Company Tour - Team building - Private Events

Fishing, Footgolf, Familygolf

Chicken House - Company Tour - Team building - Private Events

The house has up to 50 dining areas, and is situated with sweeping views of the lakes and has a large covered terrace. The house is furnished with a dormitory on the first floor with up to 14 beds.

Great for company, clubs or private events.

Day Events

12.00 – 18.00

Including free fishing, football golf, family golf
up to 20 people

DKK. 4.495,-

Subsequent persons
Adults DKK 180,-
Children under 12 years of age DKK 125,-

24 hours Events

10.00 – 10.00

Including free fishing, football golf, family golf
up to 20 people

kr. 6.795,-

Subsequent persons
Adults DKK 275,-
Children under 12 years dkk 175,-

Fishing guide can be arranged for DKK. 680,- per guide per hour

Large closed grill DKK. 245,- including gas.

Cleaning floorplan DKK. 650,-
Cleaning floorplan + 1 floor DKK. 750,-
Cleaning per hour DKK. 500,-

There is Service and dishwasher Dishwasher must be emptied on departure and Service put back in cabinets.

If we have to do the dishes, it costs DKK 3.75 per part. (This is agreed in advance)

Gril menu

Barbecue menu

Barbecue menu DKK 280,- per person
Minimum 12 people

200g Tender and - Ribeye or Entrecote of your choice.
salad - Homemade.
Corn - pre-cooked ready for the grill.
Grain salad and dressing.
Flutes with butter.

Grill yourself Burger DKK 75,- per person
Minimum 12 people

Grill yourself burger that you collect at the buffet table.
Home-made burger steaks 200 grams fresh ground beef.
Burger buns, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onions, including various dressings.
Exstra Cheese DKK 5,- per slice

225 grams Festivals Grill sausages or 2 pieces of barbecue sausage 90 grams DKK 26.50 per sausage
Minimum 12 sausages
* can be put together with Grill menu = DKK 22.50 per sausage.

Serveres with one-time sausage trays.
Sausages as you self grill.
Incl.- Ketchup - Remoulade.
The strong and sweet mustard.
Roasted and raw onion.
Sasauges bread DKK. 2.50 per loaf of bread that you heat over the grill.
* this one is ordered without a barbecue menu, extra is paid for the rental of barbecue and barbecue charcoal.

Sandwiches DKK 32.00 each
Minimum 60 paragraphs

Wash DKK 18,- per person.
(20 people – 3 pieces each = 60 pieces)
(15 people – 4 pieces each = 60 pieces)


Triangle Sandwich DKK 23.00 each
Minimum 20 pcs.

Easy to take around the area.
Light/dark bread or rye bread, with different cold cuts from the delicacy.


Large Sandwich Bun DKK 48.00 each
Minimum 20 pcs.

Easy to take around the area.
With roast pork or various cold cuts from the delicacy.


Apple cake with whipped cream DKK 28.00 each
Minimum 20 pcs.

(with grill menu 12 pcs)
Made in portion glass.

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Freshly baked bread

Order apon booking and pick up in the store at 9.00 am

Italian Durum Bread - Bread Rolls - Craftsmen - Tea Birches - Crossaint - Cocoa - Juice - Butter - Cheese - Hamburger - Cut Chocolate - Jams

School excursion with overnight stay

3rd grade from Viby Free School had a super nice trip with accommodation.
Football golf was played, fished trout, played a lot of Teqball with their own rules, made twisted bread, eaten sausages from the grill, played in the area and finished off with an overnight stay in the Henhouse for the boys and girls slept in the viewing huts.